Friday, March 30, 2012

Selecting Parts of Dirt Bike

Dirt bikes are basically meant for rough terrain. These are the kind of bikes that can run over any kind of terrain for miles and miles together. These bikes can be used over both on and off the roads. Dirt bikes are actually styled to suit rugged terrain. They can be easily run over rocks and stones, sand and mud, mountain slopes and rugged plateaus. Although they sound to be very heavy and sturdy they are actually simple light weighted bikes.  The knobby wheels of these bikes are firmly clamped to the rim with rim locks which makes them easily usable over rough terrain. Dirt bikes have been so designed that the motor, the gas tanks and the engines are safely placed in the middle of the bike so that the bike can be easily balanced. With a high ground clearance and hydraulic disc brakes, these dirt bikes are the safest and the most sort for bikes for any kind of terrain.

There are different types of dirt bikes. Some of them that are available in the market are Trail Rider Bikes, Moto Cross Bikes, Dual Purpose Bikes, Enduro, desert Bikes and so on.

Although the dirt bikes are the best for rugged terrain, this does not mean that they are not prone to wear and tear. This means that dirt bikes are also vulnerable to damage and wear-out. Roketa Dirt Bike parts can be an answer to the break down of dirt bike parts. These parts of dirt bike are quite durable and can fit into various types of models ranging from 49cc to 125cc bikes with 4 stroke engines and those having 49 cc starters. Since these bikes are meant for rough terrain, their parts are usually long lasting. But for models ranging from 49cc to 125cc, the Roketa products offer the best solution when their original parts give way.

Since the dirt bikes are usually costly, it is quite necessary to make a wise decision before buying so as to fit the purpose one is actually intending to buy for. In addition to it, it is always very necessary to learn about the maintenance technique of these dirt bikes as they are different from the usual bikes that run over on the roads only. Finally before riding on the dirt bike it is of outmost necessity to wear a good and a strong helmet as safety is the first issue.

Friday, March 23, 2012

ATV Lifts: Best Accessory for ATV Riders

ATVs are known to be the quad bikes. These bikes are available in three wheelers as well as four wheelers. The interesting feature of these bikes is that they work with the help of low pressure tires. These types of bikes have a seat so that the rider can sit on it and they also have some handlebars so that rider can control it any of the directions. ATVs are basically designed for handling broad variety of terrain which most of the other vehicles fail to do. It is important to note that in most of states as well as provinces riding the ATVs in the street is not legal.

 According to the ANSI i.e. American National Standards Institute, these ATVs were designed to be used by a single rider. However, nowadays, various companies have come up with such ATVs which can accommodate a rider as well as one passenger. TaoTao ATV is one such ATV which follows this rule. This means that you can allow two people to sit on the same seat.

 Since ATVs are very heavy in weight, it is extremely tough to lift them. Thus, in order to get rid of this problem, ATV lifts are available in the market. These ATV lifts are designed specially to lift the ATV so that riders have an ease. You can purchase these lifts depending upon your type of vehicle. It is advisable to purchase those lifts which are coated with black because black life ensures good appearance as well as better durability than other lift.

 ATV lifts ensure hassle-free lifting whenever these lifts are introduced. Using these lifts, you can easily lift your vehicle for different purposes like cleaning, washing, and other things. There is no doubt in the fact that ATV bikes are gaining tremendous popularity. As a result, more and more companies are coming up in the market and offering different ATV accessories which are of great use. If you own a 150cc ATV, then there are lots of accessories you can purchase from the market as well as Internet stores. One such accessory is the ATV lift.

ATV lifts are very convenient for the riders of such vehicles. There are some other ways also for lifting the ATV, but no doubt using the lifts is one of the best methods. There are some of the people who use wooden inclined planes for maintenance and service work. However, this method is too dangerous and can even result in loss of life.