Friday, May 4, 2012

Quad Bikes for Kids

The kids of the present generation are crazy for gizmos and especially new bikes. Quad bikes have gained a lot of popularity among the kids in the past few years all over the world. The most famous among the Kids Quad bikes are the ATVs, however, the quad bikes for kids are specially designed which are smaller than the full sized ATVs.  An ATV has a major advantage that is designed for riding on all types of terrains where as the quad bikes are generally designed for kids and are thus generally used on street roads.

The quad bikes are small sized, four-wheeler vehicles riding on low pressure wheels. They may be described as a mixture of a jeep and a motorbike. It has the shape and structure of a jeep, but at the same it uses a handlebar for steering control, just like a motorbike and also has extra stability due to the presence of extra wheels. These are designed to be operated by a single person however two seated models are also available. The quad bikes are available in various models depending on its engine and different features. A 100cc quad bike is the most commonly available kid’s quad bikes in the market. These vehicles are street legal in some of the countries where as in some it is not. There are various manufacturers of the ATVs and quad bikes all across the globe.

There are another set of bikes which have gained a lot of popularity in the recent past. These are the dirt bikes, which are also referred to as the two wheeler ATVs. The dirt bikes have the structure, material, tires and look almost similar to those of the quad bikes. These bikes are almost similar to normal motorbikes used on the street road but they have some extra features which makes it suitable for tough conditions. The dirt bikes, like the ATVs are also designed for riding in all type of terrains.

The commonly used dirt bike is the 125cc Dirt Bike and is generally used for off road racing purpose, also called motocross racing. These races are famous in the English countries as an adventure sport. These bikes are also used for performing stunts. Dirt bikes are generally light weighted and are therefore easy to ride, but difficult to handle. They come with specially designed wheels to provide the rider with a good grip on the surface as they usually run on dusty and slippery surfaces. These bikes are available in different models with different features and specifications.