Friday, May 4, 2012

Quad Bikes for Kids

The kids of the present generation are crazy for gizmos and especially new bikes. Quad bikes have gained a lot of popularity among the kids in the past few years all over the world. The most famous among the Kids Quad bikes are the ATVs, however, the quad bikes for kids are specially designed which are smaller than the full sized ATVs.  An ATV has a major advantage that is designed for riding on all types of terrains where as the quad bikes are generally designed for kids and are thus generally used on street roads.

The quad bikes are small sized, four-wheeler vehicles riding on low pressure wheels. They may be described as a mixture of a jeep and a motorbike. It has the shape and structure of a jeep, but at the same it uses a handlebar for steering control, just like a motorbike and also has extra stability due to the presence of extra wheels. These are designed to be operated by a single person however two seated models are also available. The quad bikes are available in various models depending on its engine and different features. A 100cc quad bike is the most commonly available kid’s quad bikes in the market. These vehicles are street legal in some of the countries where as in some it is not. There are various manufacturers of the ATVs and quad bikes all across the globe.

There are another set of bikes which have gained a lot of popularity in the recent past. These are the dirt bikes, which are also referred to as the two wheeler ATVs. The dirt bikes have the structure, material, tires and look almost similar to those of the quad bikes. These bikes are almost similar to normal motorbikes used on the street road but they have some extra features which makes it suitable for tough conditions. The dirt bikes, like the ATVs are also designed for riding in all type of terrains.

The commonly used dirt bike is the 125cc Dirt Bike and is generally used for off road racing purpose, also called motocross racing. These races are famous in the English countries as an adventure sport. These bikes are also used for performing stunts. Dirt bikes are generally light weighted and are therefore easy to ride, but difficult to handle. They come with specially designed wheels to provide the rider with a good grip on the surface as they usually run on dusty and slippery surfaces. These bikes are available in different models with different features and specifications.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Benefits of 50cc Mopeds

If you need the small distances in your town, it is always better to use the 50cc mopeds. Mopeds are small motorized bikes having a 50cc engine. Because of their small size and amazing handling, one can easily took these bikes in every nook and corner of the street without facing any difficulty.

These days, people are becoming very conscious about environment. They are looking for the ways which can reduce carbon footprints in the environment. In this regard, mopeds can help them out. Mopeds are considered to be environment friendly bikes that are becoming extremely popular among people of all the ages. Mopeds are known for the low price as well as low maintenance cost. Apart from this, they provide amazing mileage. It is believed that the 50cc mopeds can provide a mileage of about 60 to 100 miles per gallon.

Nowadays, several companies have come up in the market, which are providing 50cc mopeds for sale. You can take the help of internet in order to know which dealers are purchasing these bikes in your area or locality. Once you have purchased a moped, you will certainly enjoy its benefits.

The very first advantage of the mopeds is of cost. You do not have to spend much for getting this vehicle. Mopeds can easily carry over 240 to 260 pounds of weight. The best part is that this vehicle has got good storing space under the seats. You can even store a full face helmet comfortable beneath the seat. Apart from this, moped consumes very less fuel and this is the reason why it has great gas mileage.

This vehicle is so light in weight that even children can ride it. However, it is not safe for a child to drive this vehicle unless and until he/she is above the age of 18. Another advantage of mopeds is that their maintenance costs are less as compared to the other types of vehicles.

If you want to insure your moped, then you can easily insure it without paying much money. If you take best care of your moped, then undoubtedly it won’t give any problem to you. You can also opt for branded mopeds as they provide more benefits. First of all, the quality of branded mopeds is better and thus the maintenance cost further reduces. Furthermore, they have better warranty terms. Finding the parts of this vehicle is also very easy. You only have to visit your local store in order to get the spare parts.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Roketa 110cc ATV – Perfect ATV for the Perfect Fun

Time is changing fast and so are the minds of people all around the globe. The choices and likes of people are changing tremendously since fast few decades. Something which we like today may not please us tomorrow as our interests and ideas are changing fast due to availability of vast information, choices etc. Speed has been fascinating almost everyone in the world since past few decades. Many movies have been released with their main theme of speed and fastness. This new trend has motivated many people to buy their own speed monsters and automobiles. And it is also claimed that this craze about speed has changed the hobbies and pass time activities of many people, especially the youngsters.

To cash in on the situation, world automobile giants have launched various types of All Terrain Vehicles, popularly known as ATVs. These vehicles provide a great adrenaline rush which is highly looked for by today’s youngsters. ATVs can be described as a combination of speed and adventure. These are four wheeled specially designed automobiles that have the ability to ply over any type of surface. ATVs are very rugged and manly vehicles. ATVs are known to the common man by its name ‘quads’ which easily symbolizes the number of wheels this vehicle has.

 There are many types of quads depending on the usage, power of the engine, type of fuel and size of the vehicle. 110cc ATV is the most common type of quad which is suitable for both adventure and leisure. These 110 cc quads contain single cylinder and four stroke engines. Since the engine capacity is pretty less, the average speed is close to a moderate speed of twenty five kilometers per hour. The gear transmission is automatic in most models of ATVs. This adventure filled vehicle is also fitted with a battery of 12 volts and 7 amperes per hour to support the electronic starting system.

Roketa is an US based automobile manufacturer specializing in quads and ATVs. Roketa ATV is very popular in the market and can be bought at a very competitive price. These ATVs are manufactured using high quality parts and tools. Roketa also provides a warranty of one year for all the internal parts installed in an All-Terrain Vehicle. The company has two warehouses in the US, one in Ontario and the other in Dallas. To attract international customers, Roketa ATV has a warehouse in Jiangsu Province of China.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Selecting Parts of Dirt Bike

Dirt bikes are basically meant for rough terrain. These are the kind of bikes that can run over any kind of terrain for miles and miles together. These bikes can be used over both on and off the roads. Dirt bikes are actually styled to suit rugged terrain. They can be easily run over rocks and stones, sand and mud, mountain slopes and rugged plateaus. Although they sound to be very heavy and sturdy they are actually simple light weighted bikes.  The knobby wheels of these bikes are firmly clamped to the rim with rim locks which makes them easily usable over rough terrain. Dirt bikes have been so designed that the motor, the gas tanks and the engines are safely placed in the middle of the bike so that the bike can be easily balanced. With a high ground clearance and hydraulic disc brakes, these dirt bikes are the safest and the most sort for bikes for any kind of terrain.

There are different types of dirt bikes. Some of them that are available in the market are Trail Rider Bikes, Moto Cross Bikes, Dual Purpose Bikes, Enduro, desert Bikes and so on.

Although the dirt bikes are the best for rugged terrain, this does not mean that they are not prone to wear and tear. This means that dirt bikes are also vulnerable to damage and wear-out. Roketa Dirt Bike parts can be an answer to the break down of dirt bike parts. These parts of dirt bike are quite durable and can fit into various types of models ranging from 49cc to 125cc bikes with 4 stroke engines and those having 49 cc starters. Since these bikes are meant for rough terrain, their parts are usually long lasting. But for models ranging from 49cc to 125cc, the Roketa products offer the best solution when their original parts give way.

Since the dirt bikes are usually costly, it is quite necessary to make a wise decision before buying so as to fit the purpose one is actually intending to buy for. In addition to it, it is always very necessary to learn about the maintenance technique of these dirt bikes as they are different from the usual bikes that run over on the roads only. Finally before riding on the dirt bike it is of outmost necessity to wear a good and a strong helmet as safety is the first issue.

Friday, March 23, 2012

ATV Lifts: Best Accessory for ATV Riders

ATVs are known to be the quad bikes. These bikes are available in three wheelers as well as four wheelers. The interesting feature of these bikes is that they work with the help of low pressure tires. These types of bikes have a seat so that the rider can sit on it and they also have some handlebars so that rider can control it any of the directions. ATVs are basically designed for handling broad variety of terrain which most of the other vehicles fail to do. It is important to note that in most of states as well as provinces riding the ATVs in the street is not legal.

 According to the ANSI i.e. American National Standards Institute, these ATVs were designed to be used by a single rider. However, nowadays, various companies have come up with such ATVs which can accommodate a rider as well as one passenger. TaoTao ATV is one such ATV which follows this rule. This means that you can allow two people to sit on the same seat.

 Since ATVs are very heavy in weight, it is extremely tough to lift them. Thus, in order to get rid of this problem, ATV lifts are available in the market. These ATV lifts are designed specially to lift the ATV so that riders have an ease. You can purchase these lifts depending upon your type of vehicle. It is advisable to purchase those lifts which are coated with black because black life ensures good appearance as well as better durability than other lift.

 ATV lifts ensure hassle-free lifting whenever these lifts are introduced. Using these lifts, you can easily lift your vehicle for different purposes like cleaning, washing, and other things. There is no doubt in the fact that ATV bikes are gaining tremendous popularity. As a result, more and more companies are coming up in the market and offering different ATV accessories which are of great use. If you own a 150cc ATV, then there are lots of accessories you can purchase from the market as well as Internet stores. One such accessory is the ATV lift.

ATV lifts are very convenient for the riders of such vehicles. There are some other ways also for lifting the ATV, but no doubt using the lifts is one of the best methods. There are some of the people who use wooden inclined planes for maintenance and service work. However, this method is too dangerous and can even result in loss of life.